Does your Not-for-Profit need a Compliance helping hand?

Ask our charities and not-for-profit organisations why they value Fortunity, and you will hear its our empathy and hands-on engagement with their work and understanding of the regulatory environment they now operate in.

The team at Fortunity have been sponsoring Surf Life Saving Central Coast since July 2015.  Our main motivation for engaging in this particular sponsorship opportunity was to support the Branch and clubs in practical ways.  We provide annual accounting and audit services, ongoing financial and business advice, up skilling of volunteer executive members via new educational forums and have implemented a Club Administration Conference.

We work directly with the management and representatives of various not-for-profit entities that include faith-based charities, educational institutions, welfare, environmental charities, Retirement Villages, youth and arts organisations.

We offer training for representatives and strategic advice to management, comprehensive tax, accounting, financial planning and audit services and designs or reviews of internal controls – all tailored to the particular clients needs.  Advice on risk and financial management, critical for this sector, is also provided.

Fortunity do all this from a background of specialist experience and technical knowledge. Our focus is to make the difficult job our clients do as easy as possible.  We take pride in taking care of our not-for-profit clients, whilst they are taking care of the Community.

If you are an executive member of a not-for-profit and you would appreciate some guidance and professional advice, contact Fortunity today on 4304 8888.