icare – What does it mean for Workers Compensation going foward?

You may have recently received correspondence from an organisation called icare. icare (Insurance & Care NSW) is a Public Financial Corporation that delivers workers compensation insurances (and other care services).

Whereas in the past the NSW Government has outsourced the administration of your workers compensation policies to various insurance agents, they are now bringing it in house.

Over the past few months NSW workers compensation policies have started transitioning from existing insurance agents to icare.  Both icare and your existing insurance agent should send you correspondence explaining the changes when your policy is next up for renewal, including who to contact should you need to make a claim.

Fortunity have noted that in recent weeks, clients have called concerned that the new policies they are receiving from icare are inaccurate.

We are here to guide you through this transition period. For assistance regarding inaccuracies on your workers compensation policies, or any other concerns regarding the transition to icare, please contact the team at Fortunity on 02 4304 8888 or visit us at www.fortunity.com.au