Managing Growth Workshop – 6th of June

Managing Growth Well. Not all Growth is equal!
Complimentary Morning Workshop – 6th of June.
As businesses grow they become challenged on a number of fronts. Growth comes with inherent risks which are sometimes not fully understood.

This two-hour workshop helps you understand the dynamics that come with this growth and covers a number of key elements:

    • Growing from good foundations – thorough understanding of your costings, robust tendering processes, reliable and competent people, managed cash flow.
    • Understand your sweet spot – the growth level that is manageable and makes you money. Not all growth is profitable.
    • When growth requires an increase in fixed costs – identifying ways to mitigate the risk of increasing these costs.
    • Impact on cash flow –identify how growth will be funded.
    • When growth comes from existing clients – identifying ways to mitigate the risk of lots of eggs in one basket.
    • Planning ahead for potential downturns – how to be ready to change your cost structure if your pipeline slows down.
    • What financial reporting should you be monitoring regularly.
    • What if you need help in a specific area – Fortunity has the experience to help in a number of one-off or ongoing ways.



This workshop is delivered by Fortunity.


Date: 6th June 2018
Time: 8.00 am. to 10.00 am.
Location: UON Administration Building Board Room

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