Financial Planning

Financial Planning Services

Fortunity works with individuals, families, retirees and businesses to deliver tailored investment and wealth management solutions designed to preserve and build growth. Our approach to financial planning hinges on our success in getting to know our clients, factoring-in their individual circumstances and understanding their aspirations. We integrate planning, investment strategies and optimal tax structures to maximise growth potential whilst minimising risk and maintaining required liquidity levels.

Fortunity Financial Planning Services

Relevant Advice

Fortunity provides relevant, carefully researched information and advice, empowering clients to make smart decisions about their futures.

Secure Future

We tailor solutions designed to provide an enjoyable lifestyle today and a secure and prosperous financial future.

Reviewed Plans

We also regularly review our clients’ progress, and provide ongoing advice, to ensure plans are kept on track.

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Investment Planning

Invest in a healthy financial future

Fortunity financial planners tailor recommendations to each client’s personal circumstances and future goals, drawing upon their own expertise as well as the research and resources of our considerable global network of industry partners. Our diversified and innovative solutions can include direct share investments, managed funds, cash investments and property as well as portfolio construction and management. A Fortunity tailored portfolio is carefully constructed to optimise returns whilst minimising risk exposure. We also regularly evaluate the performance of recommended investments, ensuring they remain on course to deliver the returns expected by our clients.

Fortunity Financial Investment Planning

Retirement Planning

Delivering comfortable and sustainable retirement lifestyles

Fortunity works with clients planning for retirement; accurately quantifying the income levels required to support a long-term, comfortable lifestyle. We provide tailored retirement strategies and frameworks based on our clients’ current circumstances, their desired retirement timelines and future goals. With expertise across Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs), pension strategies, investment planning and asset management, our integrated solutions create clear and achievable pathways to the retirement lifestyles our clients aspire to.

Fortunity Audit

Risk Management

Protection from the unexpected

Unexpected illness or injury, leaving one unable to work, can have devastating and lasting financial repercussions. Fortunity’s tailored risk management strategies are designed to ensure the financial security of individuals, families and businesses is protected in the event of such setbacks.

We offer advice around the most efficient ways to protect families from the unexpected through a variety of cost-effective insurance options. Fortunity specialises in income protection insurance, life insurance, total and permanent disability insurance, critical illness/trauma insurance, estate planning and business insurance strategies. We also regularly review policies to ensure they remain the most relevant and economical option for our clients’ circumstances.

Fortunity Financial Planning Risk Management

Debt and Cashflow Management

Greater control, less stress

Fundamental to successful wealth building is a clear picture of how money is being spent. Even those earning considerable salaries can still struggle with mounting debt and poor cash flow, not fully understanding the reasons why. Whilst the prospect of ‘budgeting’ can seem daunting to many, Fortunity structures budget and spending plans that still afford clients an enjoyable lifestyle, whilst allowing them to rapidly pay down debts and, in turn, build wealth.

Fortunity works with individuals, families and businesses to create budget plans that offer real clarity around where money is being spent. We provide debt reduction forecasts that demonstrate what could be saved by paying down loans at accelerated rates and how available funds can be made to work more effectively. Our budgeting services are tailored to each individual’s or business’s circumstances and are designed to be realistic, achievable and sustainable over the long-term.

Fortunity - integrated accounting, asset management and investment solutions

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs)

High performance Superannuation

Fortunity’s SMSF specialists assist individuals and businesses to establish and manage SMSFs, ensuring they are optimally structured to meet future goals. We provide tailored solutions designed to minimise administration requirements and offer advice around which investment options are most likely to deliver the required returns. We also have considerable expertise around the use of SMSFs to secure funding and invest in property.

Fortunity Financial Planning Self-Managed Super Funds

Specialist Aged Care Financial Report

Peace of mind

We appreciate that moving yourself or a loved one into an aged care facility can be a worrying and complex process.  Our specialist aged care advice will help you understand the financial aspects of this important move.

We offer you an initial complimentary meeting where together we discuss your current circumstances before preparing a personalised aged care financial report.  You will receive a comprehensive analysis of your accommodation funding options including future cash flows.

Our Specialist Aged Care Financial Report addresses:

  • Home Ownership Strategies
  • Initial Accommodation Payments
  • Ongoing Care Fees
  • Centrelink or DVA Pension
  • Estate Planning Strategies


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