Fortunity is here to support you while you’re busy supporting others.

To our not-for-profit clients, we are much more than merely Accountants, Financial Planners and Auditors. Our expertise in the sector, and strong understanding of what it means to have a community focus, enables us to truly partner with our not-for-profit clients, sharing in their vision and celebrating all they accomplish. Several of our Board Members have dedicated more than 30 years of their respective careers to helping not-for-profit organisations perform at their best.


How We Help

Every not-for-profit organisation is different, with some having an entire finance department and CFO, and others operating with possibly a single accountant or more limited internal resources in this area. At Fortunity, we’re respectful of the varying needs of one organisation to the next so always strive to maintain maximum flexibility in our service delivery. This means we’re happy to work around each client’s specific requirements, providing a select number of our services right through to full support. We’re also adept at closely aligning ourselves with a client’s mission, ensuring we remain sensitive to the changing needs of their patrons.

Fortunity Financial Planning Self-Managed Super Funds

We help not-for-profit organisations by providing tailored, practical solutions that include:

  • Acting as a virtual CFO, providing ongoing accounting, assurance, auditing, financial planning and taxation advice.

  • Maintaining tax concessions and exemptions.

  • Salary packaging and providing remuneration structure advice.

  • Managing regulatory compliance obligations.

  • Consulting on or managing funding applications.

  • Providing financial forecasting and budgeting services.

  • Establishing charitable trusts.

  • Advising Board Members on Corporate Governance best practice.

  • Benchmarking and general consulting.

Contact us to discuss the needs of your not-for-profit organisation.

Not-For-Profit Forums

Fortunity recognises the wonderful work that is accomplished by the many charities on the Central Coast. We also understand it’s not always easy keeping up to date with legislation, compliance and best practice. For this reason, we facilitated an ongoing series of complimentary forums which address a variety of challenges faced by the sector.

Our Central Coast Not-For-Profit Forum is committed to supporting the not-for-profit sector through seminars, educational workshops and support services. The aim of these events is to address contemporary issues faced by the sector and identify best practice solutions for Boards, management and responsible persons.

Watch this space for new dates in 2023!

Fortunity Not-For-Profit Forums

Our Experience

Fortunity’s not-for-profit clients benefit from our considerable industry experience and proven team of sector specialists. We become trusted business partners and an integral part of many of our clients’ businesses, a responsibility we take with the utmost seriousness. Our history in the not-for-profit sector extends to working with a wide range of organisations such as:

Fortunity Not-For-Profit Experience
  • Charities

  • Religious organisations

  • Disability services

  • Age care organisations

  • Sporting clubs

  • Early, primary and secondary educational institutions

  • Community agencies

  • Organisations for the disadvantaged

  • Veteran support services

  • Emergency accommodation organisations

Why Choose Fortunity?

Meeting the ongoing demands of regulatory compliance, financial reporting, funding applications, governance and resource allocation in the not-for-profit sector can be challenging, particularly in the face of ever-changing legislation. We understand that choosing the right accounting and auditing partner to work with is a big decision. Why work with us?

Fortunity Not-For-Profit


As a company, we share in the not-for-profit sector’s sense of community, actively supporting a variety of charities ourselves.


Fortunity has been built on the strength of a consistent track record based on knowledge, understanding, customer service, reliability, integrity and professionalism.


Fortunity in its current form has been a leader on the Central Coast for 12 years, cementing our community ties and in-depth knowledge of the local area.


Together, our Directors have accumulated an impressive 140 years’ experience in the financial services sector.


Fortunity, and its predecessor companies, have over 20 years’ experience working specifically in the not-for-profit sector.


Having worked with a diverse range of not-for-profit organisations, we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by this industry.

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